Our first FaB Club of the new year is a Get a Floor Spot session, and it's a packed house after the holiday break - with lots of old and new faces. Jo Migdal is our MC for today.

It's an exciting start to the New 08 as we already have our guest sessions booked up right through to November - and lots of GAFS sessions planned too for everyone to join in and have fun.

And don't forget next week we have the FaB Club Charity fund raiser for the local Thurrock branch of the National Animal Welfare Trust and their work to rescue animals and to house pets that might otherwise be abandoned as a result of owners going into care or hospital ; with a big raffle and one of our FaB club buffets; a great show is promised. It will be £5 very well spent…

NORMAN opens up with a virtuoso performance on two different Banjo Ukeleles - he tells us they have two completely different tunings - first a George Formby number of course - Andy the Handyman then Guarding the Home Guards Home (I think…). It's nice to hear some "new" numbers, and always interesting to hear Norman talk about Ukeleles

BERNIE and MAUREEN are introduced cheekily by Jo as the Little and Large of FaB Club - Maureen promises to sort 'im aht after. A medley of Walter Kiddleys Waltz and Three Hand Reel on concertina and guitar is our recompense, followed by an arrangement of more traditional tunes - Woodland Flowers and Marmelade Polka - lovely stuff.

The man of steel - PAUL STEELE - provides a change of style with his gritty and impassioned delivery of modern folk numbers - Sweet Little Mystery (John Martyn) and a great Band song - Rockin' Chair - superb..

(Clive) Our resident poet next LIZ - provides us with some late seasonal stuff - Christmas Day at Coalhouse Fort and Christmas Shopping at Lakeside. Rounds of applause and lots of joining in from the shoppers in the audience.

Be afraid very afraid - TONE DEAF LEOPARD - provide us more with traditional (ish) fare - the Cuckold song - version B loosely based on Seven Drunken Knights - Oddzoons..!!!!!! Then a great Eric Bogle song - Can you sing any Dylan? (the answer is no!)

The variety continues and we have more ukulele fun with MARGARET "LADY FORMBY" - rounds off our first half with a song always associate with the New Seekers - I'll Never Find Another You. And then to prove that the ukulele is certainly not limited to George Formby - "Hi Ho Silver Lining" - which really gets the crowd showing their age and joining in with the chorus

Time for a natter… and to sell more raffle tix

JO opens up the second half with our second John Martyn number of the day on one of his many beautiful guitars - May you never - fabulous picking and arrangement as ever. Then onto a mandolin number - composed after an encounter with Hands Around - the ladies morris side- called English Roses - which he tell us is on his forthcoming new album - a great upbeat number.

Marie (drums), Penny (guitar) and Tony (whistle) join us from up the line near Cambridge - they are FFION FAER - and featured on the Link FM Fab Club show in November. Now we are delighted to welcome them as live FaB Club virgins…Yay… quick bit of tuning necessary by Marie due to "all the hot air" in the room - surely not !!! - a medley of Jigs from County Clare to kick off. An arrangement of Step it up Mary follows -with storming guitar and vocals from Penny and solid backing from Marie and Tony.

Amazing FaB Club raffle next with lots of prizes and happy winners… still a few mystery prizes left from before Christmas - I won a beautiful Waterman fountain pen in my mystery prize then - I can't think of anything more inspiring for creating new verses

Rounding off the afternoon:

NORMAN goes swimming with the wimmen - actually no - its TT Races - the reason he joined the George Formby Appreciation Society apparently…

BERNARD and MAUREEN provide us with another atmospheric instrumental duet.

And PAUL STEELE - this time with all ten fingers - and all picking as fabulously as ever - and as emotional a delivery as you could ever want of I want you (Bob Dylan, of course…)

(Clive)LIZ and Oh My - Haven't They Changed…well at least 3 people in the audience haven't seen this before, but those three people were so impressed !!!!! I don't know what it is about this poem but I can listen to it again and again and still hear something different.

MARGARET performs a song Dennis Homes wrote for her: I feel lucky; and provides us an update on Maureen and Keith who will be back in the UK shortly.

And our last half -

JO performs Nature's Wonderland - a lovely track from his last CD - based on St Agnes in the Scilly Isles.

TDL treat us to an Elvis number, as it is around the anniversary of his birthday - Trevor claims he performed this in Dusseldorf the night Elvis died (or was it Trevor died - I got confused at this point) - a version of Are you lonesome night (involving Aludrox and Tums and ExLax - phew what a combo!) he claims he found on the net….

And a final serenade from FFION FAER. Penny leads a song inspired by the works of a Fenland poet local to them, about the Roma - Bow Top. Then some reels with fine whistle work - London Lasses and Sally Gardens. To finish off a joiny in thing - lots of other guitars and shakers emerge around the room - Rattling Bog. Come back back soon.

We may have to have a FaB club outing to their club I think!


FaBclub Review
6th January 2008

Written by Liz Montgomery