FaBclub review
26th October 2008
written by
Liz Montgomery

Compered today by the lovely Maureen we are also enjoying the change in clocks and an extra hour in bed. And we have a nice full room already by 2:30

Bernard kicks off with his sweet concertina - "Battle of the Somme" is a great start to the afternoon, followed by a lovely medley.

JoJo is back with one of her a capella numbers - this modern ballad one has a sad story attached to it - written by a long time performer in the area - Kevin Smith who was diagnosed and died quite abruptly of a brain tumour last year. "I'll be loving you" aka Kevin's song

Maureen has her little blue book of stories and jokes with her ( and how appropriate it is it has a blue cover. She tells us naughty story of double adultery (Maureen where do you get them from?) and one which is just about naughty bits and age…

Welcome back to Ploughman's Lunch (Linda and Clive) - they haven't been to see us since we were at the Orsett Cock. Some traditional sounds and harmonies as ever from them - "My Lady of Autumn" and a lively nautical number from Bristol about the local dredger -"M.D. Harry Brown"

More traditional tunes from Joe Migdal - "Ramble away" - but not on a traditional instrument - it's on his amazing guitar synth - sounds gorgeous. The second number is written by Joe - "I am a sailor" - in traditional style, this one on a twelve string - he still can't find the seagull sound effects for the recording though.

JoJo and Ken perform a little number together in the alternative characters of Eff and Ron - with a little chilly autumn number of full of double entendres. Then Ken reads a lovely poem from Pam Ayres in defence of Hedgehogs

My turn - to avoid it turning into poets cornered I just deliver the one "Oh my - Haven't they changed" - I've been going to a lot of reunions again recently. And, yes, all the characters in the poem are actually based (loosely) on real people.

A Steve Winwood song next performed by Len - he actually first heard it on an Eric Clapton vinyl LP, with Yvonne Ellerman. Followed up by a pre disco Gibb Brothers number - he's unearthed some classics for us today

Pt 2 of 3 and Ken is up, up and away before his next appointment - he takes us back to the 60s with the Glen Campbell song, "Witchita Lineman" which really shows off Ken's voice splendidly and then "Dream lover".

A Halloween song from Bill - a Cornish story about Sarah Polgrain - who is hanged for murdering her husband for the love of a sailor called Yorkshire Jack - being a sailor, he fails to come back to her at midnight for the last time, in spite of his promises to her at the gallows. So Sarah haunts him even at sea…and he becomes Mad Jack. Then another song about a bad girl, the rather naughty Chlamydia Clap - more modern than traditional.

A tribute to Crystal Palace from Tone Deaf Leopard "Playing Footie" - they claim they only know three Palace fans (little do they know they actually know four…) Sadly the song is about the world's most disastrous team. Then a return to the traditional song "It will not be long now to our washing day" with a good dash of inadvertent cross dressing and being called up in front of the Beak….

A momentary return to supreme sanity with Ben performing a lovely instrumental - "She slips away" by Martin Simpson…and a song by Chris Wood "Come down Jehovah" which really suits Ben's voice and arrangement - as Maureen said 'absolutely terrific'. BTW Ben is performing on one of Gordon Shears guitars

And we are on the second round with Bernard with more traditional concertina tunes.

Ploughmans Lunch bring us a goodnight song in daylight - they have recently attended a Christmas sing around in September…. Sounds like Christmas decorations in Lakeside…

After the glorious raffle - five prizes this week - and the kind winner of the chox circulates the yummy Guylian box for all of us to enjoy - thank you…

Joe Migdal and his great guitar synth - this time sounding like a banjo - with a Woodie Guthrie song - "Talking blues" - great words

Another Christmas number this time by JoJo "The song of the Holly Fairy" by Cecily Mary Barker who created the Flower Fairies - very pretty and seasonal More wintry nostalgia with me with "Winter Dreaming" and tales of tea and fairy stories round the fire.

Some Neil Young from our Len -"Only love can break your heart" - think that was off Harvest wasn't it - sure someone will correct me.

Bill tells us about fireworks in Southend - and reminds us about the last fire on Southend Pier with his witty reflection - "Southend Pier's caught fire again" …

More fab spiritual revival stuff from Ben with "Bid you goodnight"

Joe borrows six string, and provides a lovely version of "Chances" off his latest CD - all about what you could do if only you tried…."let your dreams unfold, turn silver into gold" - such a lovely song

And our glorious finale Trevor and Ben on a traditional ballad - supported by the assembled crew…Fair Eleanor - great solos by Bernard and Ben - phenomenal but very sad - and then to raise the end of the session "Pay me my money down" with great instrumentals and percussion all around. What a great fun afternoon to blow away the rain. See you all next week….Thank you for excellent compering Maureen