FaBclub review
27th July2008
written by
Eve Guevara-Sansom

It is the last FaBclub meeting of the Season. Despite the hot, humid, sticky weather, no-one let that stifle their own mood-as usual the atmosphere was buoyant and interesting with a huge variety of songs and readings - some old - some not so old and a few new songs.

Clive Meggs was our Host and Compere and in his usual fine fettle. He kept laughter singing with his many cheeky, provocative jokes…..he was lucky not to have too many Blondes on site…..for, I fear if there had been he may have been bashed by a not too friendly….Blonde's handbag or stiletto heel…..Well done Clive -laughter is the Manna of the Soul….Good Luck in September we will all be thinking of you.

We were treated to many delicious treats in song and the afternoon kicked off in grand style with Ken accompanied by Margaret Brown on ukulele. They delivered two great sing-a-longs in great style : Travelling Light and Buddy Holly's Every Day it's a getting closer….absolutely everyone joined in - which set the pace - and it was heavenly fun.

We next had a very magical presentation from Norman Faulkener's Grand Daughter - Natasha playing Clarinet - she played a piece from The Little Mermaid called Under the Sea….she is a real professional and is one to watch for the future. Special thanks to her for that - it must have been a daunting experience - but she was - truly - awesome. Norman next accompanied her rendition of Sunbathing in the Park - it was perfectissimo ! sublime voice - good choice……thanks for bringing us this special surprise Norman - Natasha is everything to be proud of..Good Luck to her in her new role…

This was followed by a brilliant presentation from Clive who was going crazy on whisky…the Devil's brew : Under the effluence of illchohol….or words in a spin…..

The tempo was moved on by our class act - Liz Montgomery our culture Guru who was caught on the hop by Clive by being lunged into the spotlight unexpectedly. We shared her visions from a trip to Far East : A Thousand Things to see before you die.. A very relevant overview which was in places moving and thought provoking….

Bill Pardon entered the arena next and shared a very clever song about an old witch from Leigh - Old Mother Moore - self circulating power merchant of - curses for sailors… and how she was finally outwitted. It was brilliant stuff from the past. His next delivery was a very witty love song for a new love he was magnetised to and from Bradwell on Sea - a lady of nuclear power oddities……..a bit of a handful with several breasts and three eyes…..(one on his wallet no doubt…) Up to Bill's usual standard and very, very entertaining….
As a personal note on Old Mother Moores of life - yes, they still exist - we get a lot of them in Grays - forcing Heather or a Curse on local shoppers - they are very persistent and can get nasty if you don't part with money. I am very anti this bully culture which feeds fear and superstition - so I always end up turning the tables on them as they persist in assuring me that I will be unlucky IF Idon't obey them and buy their heather - I say : Okay ,then, if I buy that - will you guarantee me that I will enjoy as much good luck as you do? -that opens the cat-trap…they say Oh Yes - you will..guaranteed….to which I snarl and snap back : Well keep it -coz I don't want to have to be reduced to standing on pavements to sell Heather and spread superstition by fear and bullying - okay? Byeeeeeee…….. that solves that one and the grimace on their gobs is - enjoyable….(sorry to any heather merchants - I was born in 'Scotland and can access as much heather as I want…) just a tip…..

We were especially graced with the presence of Al Neville today who lived up to every accolade he so richly deserves. His first song : www.look-me-up-how-I-feel-about-you
Is brilliantly composed - bringing the tangles of love life into the modern contexts by means of traditional Folk. Brilliant. This was followed by Al's version of Greensleeves - and for some reason….Liz was looking uncomfortable…..we wondered why……it was Brilliant humour from a Master of his craft. Delightful for us all.

Humour kept going as Margaret Brown took to the floor again with her version of : Lottery Millionaire….delivered with all the joyful revelry of Music Hall moments - we all joined in to enhance the happy din! She gets them all going ! She has a great personality and passes it on to others …. We were sorry to hear that Ongar Folk Club is closing down - again…and again ? Her next delivery was sheer joy too : Hi Ho Silver Lining - Jeff Beck - another great sing-a-long for everyone. She is a great medicine for shedding the Blues…

Jo-Jo followed with her own unique version of Under the Board Walk - (Sam Cooke-oh! That sweet voice of syrup of his….) which she sang in unmatchable high operatic registers…….we wondered how she reached so high….we expected to be scraping her tonsils off the ceiling at the end…

After the break Clive made special thanks to Linda for her magnificent organisation of the Feast of Food again - her own Home Cooking is divine....Gordon Ramsey watch up!....you won't be swearing at our table!...and thanks to everyone for extra food contributions - it made the day that extra bit special.

Tone Deaf Leopard then pounced on to the stage with two uniquely British humour songs : Naked/Bare Nudists Song ---side splitting material as usual….and No Baquettes.. hilarious and very clever play on words…Trevor on guitar and Sue on Bongo never fail to deliver - despite the fact that they'd been to 2 Boot Sales that very morning….I'm surprised they had time to remember to change their pyjamas….or did they?...watch this space…

In between all this our Host Clive, maintained the tempo with the onslaught of jokes…..about blondes with no VASES and more front than Brighton Pier…etc.

On a massive mood curve Joe Migdal magnetised our emotions with two most beautiful ballads : Girl of Dances and Fair Maids of February…about Snowdrops - both creation of Barry and Robin Dransfield whom Joe greatly admires. As ususal he did a great credit to the Songs as genius in is respect of Music as art of communication. He moves mountains of emotions - which is the true mark of professionals and purists. What more can be said? Not much - just listen and enjoy ……

Len followed Joe with two beautiful songs which we all knew and could join him in: How do we hang on to a Dream and Catch the Wind - the most famous of Donovan's song.....as is noted so often - it is really difficult to distinguish between Len's voice and Neil Young's - so what a brilliant privilege for Len - and us. It is a great feeling to hear these favourites again and to be able to be part of the songs....well done Len....

Rocketing from that reality back into Jeremy Kyle Great Brit reality - Clive caused a belly roar with his very funny joke about a kid making predictions…which spookily came true…and by ironic means…..the kid found out that the Milkman was his Dad…..very Humourous stuff…..true to life in all ways……

Liz brought us on to another humour next on John Betjeman's poetic visions of SLOUGH…It was very pertinent to SLOUGH…..I've been there so I know exactly what John Betjeman and Ricky Gervais mean about the place. Liz has real class in how she respects a Poet's works by perfect delivery. She closed with some very deep and thought provoking recollection of her own : Last Night I Dreamed - inspired by her recent return to Oxford. The Art of expression is always perfect in her management and her voice is perfect for performance. We always look forward to more….

After a break - still standing despite exotic humidity - we were played out by some very arousing songs : Margaret was brilliant with Sloop John B - and we all heartily joined in with her…she left us all smiling.....Clive then creased us - literally-with his joke about the female executions in Mexico….and the irony of superstitious-idiotic people non controls…typical….Deaf Leopard skipped back on to deliver their really great dedication to Country Joe McDonald : What Are We fighting for - that should be recorded too - it was - brilliant……and Joe Migdal came back with his dedication to -Romford Market - very fitting and humorous too - he leaves no stone unturned on imagery…..Len followed with another song we know so well and could accompany him on : Here Comes the Sun - it was an apt lead up to conclusion of the season….
Al Neville closed to event for us with two brilliant songs : A Space in my Daydreams for you and Bye George - his tribute to George Harrison who was often overlooked - it is a perfect tribute and actually did move me to almost tears - I could almost feel George in the room - this song salutes a Legend and should be a hymn for festivals like Glastonbury - I know that George's followers would all want to hear it…..thanks to Al for that….it is a blinding Master piece. It was a fitting song to close the season with…thanks to all our Artistes for giving us……….. today……..

The club reopens on Sunday September 7th - Get a Floor Spot - so have a good summer break and see you all then. Eve

Three useful websites for FaB clubbers : Thurrock_West_Freecycle the best way of sharing and offering great opportunity to get good stuff you need -at no cost (1)
www.justfortheloveofit.org - about Free Economy ideas - well worth knowing about - caring and sharing site (2) and www.tpuc.org - The People's United Collective - for Positive People (3)