FaBclub review
6th July2008
written by
Eve Guevara - Sansom
Anyone who missed today's meeting - missed many treats -as we were taken through many Unique versions of songs - and poems - and witty ditties - both familiar and not so familiar. Members met at White Hart, Grays as usual and the mood was buoyant - for Liz had a Birthday for all to celebrate as well….she was blooming - and the Banquet table was fit for a King - so, food, fun, wine and song in abundance filled all senses - the Sun shone on the moment.

Trevor took the floor as compere and provided much wit to decorate the moment.

He and Sue were the first to take to the floor - Tone Deaf Leopards….opening on a tribute to Liz on a 4 x 4 culture song - which slammed all the points about having to shop at Tesco to maintain flash lifestyles - it was all very tongue in cheek. This was followed by a hearty song called Wee and a Shave taking a knock about bathroom culture…truly : Rolf Harris wouldn't hack it at the top if Trevor were on his tail….Sue did a great back-up with drums…..

Norman followed with some great material - playing ukulele and banjo - ANDY THE HANDY MAN -a saucy rendition which really echoed the great days of Music Hall - followed by Whole Lot a shakin' Going on….which was nothing less than - fantastic - cool - Elvis would have been proud.
It was a unique version in which Hound Dog was woven in - I can only say : suck eggs Simon Cowell…this is HOT Grays….and I mean - sizzling…Norman is original -captivating…

The mood became calm and mellifluous after that when Kathy took to the floor on her Harmonium squeeze box - after first delivering a limerick about Joe…tongue in cheek. We were lost in a most beautiful rendition of A Roving followed by Lincolnshire Poacher and Keel Row. It made great atmosphere in terms of real music moving emotions…she finished on a medieval tune she had composed. It was haunting….

Dennis Holmes brought a zing into the next moment to move us back into this moment - with Golden Days and Perfect Afternoon - his mastery of Guitar and voice enlivened everyone in earshot for miles around. He is a perfectionist in his craft and a joy in performance. His song about the poor Quantity Surveyor - though sad in its' truth - was also very clever and funny. He is a Master too.

Bernard was next to take the floor and change the mood again with Nautical refrains from times past - which were exceptionally moving. We really could imagine the Sailing men entertaining each other on squeeze box - as the ship's mast creaked in the mild breeze of the midnights - far away from home…..with the Three Sea Captains and Worcestershire Hornpipe…real tearjerking stuff…..brilliant…..

Maureen changed the mood yet again…talk about mood swings…. With a very funny story about the painful consequences of a twist on Buttons and an Automatic Tampax Remover…reminding all the guys why NEVER to press ATR…and went on to remind the guys to avoid the eternal turmoil of making the mistake of buying Cowboy Boots instead of Cowboy Hats….watch this space…

Next to stun us was Joe Migdal - with a most beautiful song : Roll river Flow…with a haunting chorus which we could all join in. We travelled through the imagery of the mysteries of passing time as we see our lives in transience - like the Great River of Life….reminding us of the mighty force of Mother Nature and the unstoppable fate we all face - as the River flows on and on…
It, too was unique. Joe has a magnetic presence in song. His next song was about the inevitability of life in repetition as we Stumble on the Treadmill of life.. things we can never change. Guitar-harmony and composition was used skilfully used to help us rise above it all.

Our Birthday girl was next with a powerful word presentation called : Last Night I Dreamed…memories of Student Days - Reunion Days - when in abandon we enact many heady moments of abandon. It was very stirring and made impact particularly as we saw the low hung misty morning and the angry Swan…..she followed this with a leap on to : CHRISTMAS at LAKESIDE….she's is more premature than the Lakeside shops ! It was a funny refrain about the insanity of that as a Satanic ritual was relived….

Bill Pardon bravely took to the floor after Liz and gave us renditions marking the ICARUS moment - a witty ditty on the art of being daring….striking while iron is hot…flying into the sun if necessary….he followed up with a Fairy Tale he had written for his grandchildren - it was very great and moving as the trapped maiden held by the Dragon had to be rescued by her Brave Prince…the art of story telling is not dead…..we all shared a tear with the Fairy who saw it all…

Len was the next unique contributor - giving us the most beautiful delivery of Neil Young dedication…and I do mean beautiful….his artistry and skill are undeniable and very professional - he sang with great feeling and respect…reminding us that young and old aren't do different when the final curtain falls …..we all had the chance to sing along with HEART OF GOLD …it was very refreshing and meaningful…..

A short piece by KEN followed in tribute to JOHN CLARE - great British Poet (1793) as he recited Little Jolly Wagtail - it was very special - because we don't often get the chance to listen to this kind of material - it was a praise to the delicate things in nature which make huge impact - he then stunned us all by dragging DENNIS back on to stage to give the liveliest presentation of ALL OF ME that anyone has heard in a long time - the party took off there !

A break was taken for - Grub up! And the Raffle - in which no-one wanted the damn spirit level…spirits were buoyant nevertheless and the food was - fantastic….

The final half was very lively - Trevor gave us THE OLD GREY GOOSE IS DEAD and we all had the chance to open our mouths and lungs at full throttle - which is the real joy of LIVE MUSIC meetings - Norman came back and gave us his own version of QUANDO QUANDO - which really can't be equalled - and I mean really can't be….he is a talent…..Bernard gave another great Sea shanty tune and Dennis switched the mood with his 8 bar Blues song of the SUPERMARKET SONG - as specially requested by Maureen …. It was very, very, entertaining and Dennis can sure play a mean guitar…he is irrepressible…..the reality of PLASTIC life from carrier bags to condoms is cleverly portrayed by him….

Joe Migdal came back with Another Man's Wife (song!) and the sad woes of forbidden fruit fatality….followed by Bill pardon's hilarious cocktail of naughty but nice sketches of the life of The Man from The Pru……
Len returned to polish off in style with a beautiful version of The First Cut is the Deepest - it was very fine - he attends every feeling in motion of song delivery….

Liz finished the day with another reunion memory in word arts : Oh My Haven't they changed… which looked at every hidden angle of the thoughts which engulf us on such days……

We completed our journey with a massive Sing-a-Long to clear the emotions and keep us
Lively…all in all - anyone who missed the day is a - fool……there aren't many Sunday afternoon alternatives better than this….the chance to travel time in song and other genres…and to keep the flag of reality flying - real music - real people keeps us all - sane….Music is religion - so is humour…come and join us…..

Thanks to one and all : next meeting is on Sunday 20th July - for a Garden Party…..

Eve Guevara-Sansom - new member - first time reviewer for FaBclub Grays…