FaB Club Review
1st June 2008
Written by Liz Montgomery

Bill reminds us its only 19 days 'til middle of June and when the days start getting shorter again - Thanks Bill ;-) !!! Also today would have been Marilyn Monro's 82nd birthday (that was an even more scary thought)

Some like it hot, but we have to provide the summer sunshine for ourselves today as it's a bit grey and grotty outside.

Bill always brings us lots of stories and jokes in between the acts and today is no exception. He starts us off with a bit of a pagan story (even more than 15 times a night) and a terrible Thor pun - moving swiftly on…

So BERNIE's lovely concertina tunes raise the tone; a lyrical version of Planksty Irwin and a jolly hornpipe.

We always love to welcome RON and his cherished and very beautiful Gibson. He performs such an interesting range of works drawn from country, folk and modern rock - all given his personal and deep felt treatment. Today a Van Morrison song "Sail into the misty" and "Keep on loving you"

JO-JO manages to get over Bills naughty joke about Ronnie Wood and a jar and brings us some of her unaccompanied songs. But no photos again - "I won't dance" either. And a great cockney-style story song about the lack of a dog licence and a problem with the local po-lice.

From Jo-Jo to JOE - on harmonium today. "Lark in the morning" really suits this instrument and Joe's rich voice. "I wonder as I wander" is one I haven't heard before. A lovely ballad - slightly wistful.

MAUREEN regales us with some of her stories. First a blonde story involving deodorant, and then a little old lady story. Maureen looks so innocent….

PAUL STEEL rescues us from more of Bills jokes…A new song for us first "Angel flying too close to the ground" - great lyrics and a beautiful arrangement of that classic Willy Nelson song. A gorgeous song next -more tremendous fingering - "0ne precious moment"

JoJo has corrected my spelling - so it's all hunky-dory now.

Moving to a blues moment now - it's the one and only JOHN STAFFORD - but is it in C or in D? (answers on a postcard, please ). Well actually it's a very emotional version of "Danny Boy"

And RON returns to the floor with his great version of "Moving on" and that Hank Williams classic, "Honky Tonk Angel" - which gets everyone singing along. And we all totally covet that guitar.

Jo here, giving you a review on our next guest, and up comes, for the first time this afternoon, that lovely lady of words - LIZ ! Her first poem is one of Gordon Shears - "If Dr. Seuss Prescribed Antibiotics" all about what NOT to do with your medicine.

Liz's next one is "Do You Remember?" all about bringing back to us things happening around the sixties and seventies, Rock and Flower Power and all that tosh.

Now handing back to Liz … JOE is back with some light relief.. a Lady Penelope joke (really). Some great songs by that well known composer T.rad but arranged by J.Migdal for us now. "Riding down to Portsmouth" brings us felonious activities by young ladies of questionable backgrounds and morality en route to the South Coast - and the men are definitely the victims. Then Sir John Barleycorn singing in praise of "Nut brown ale" which we learn later was written by Andy Barns and not Trad at al. He is getting us prepared for the Thurrock Beer Festival next week, clearly.

BERNIE takes us up to the break with more beautiful traditional arrangements on the concertina. Some players I have seen over the years play this instrument so mechanically - Bernie provides us really soulful performances. "Leaving Lismore" and "Dun Socket Light" - the latter a tune from the Shetlands.

The FaBulous FaBclub raffle is next…

And on into the third half, in time honoured folk club tradition. Five prizes this week

BILL can't remember the tune to Spanish Ladies - so needs reminding - for a song about Walter Pardon. …. Which lasts about 2 seconds (amid much mirth) then over to PAUL STEEL for some more serious stuff. "Tangled up in Blue" - a superb version.

MAUREEN takes the floor again on the chair accurately geopositioned by Jo-Jo. A celebratory story starts the contribution - doubt that one would pass anyone's firewall though… Maureen then provides us a story sent to her by her nephew relating to a king, a princess and three princes - and trying to find something that did not melt.

LIZ once again takes to the floor and leaves the review on the computer to Jo-Jo - and she begins her recitation with a poem about "A thousand things" thought-provoking words, and a second one about missing feet and blood and bold eyes ! (It was by U.A. Fanthorpe - "Not my best side", Liz) Now, if you cannot follow that then you have to be HERE to understand, so come along to our FAB CLUB and hear this lady for yourself!

Another late song from BILL - "Take me home " - great lines in this one about "sunken chests" and "red curly hair all over her arms"

A jam session to end the afternoon with PAUL and JOHN and everyone joins in - and Clive ribbiting in the corner… "Time" as they say