FaBclub Review
18th May 2008
Written by Clive Meggs

After a day of rain yesterday the sun has come out over Grays for our afternoon session in the pub.

Our MC's this afternoon are Tone Deaf Leopard, be afraid, be very afraid. They start with a rousing chorus song, The Wild Rabbit, a parody of the famous chorus song, Wild Rover, all about the trials and tribulations of laboratory rabbits. Very cleverly written by Trevor. They follow with a psychopathic ballad, a hit for Olivia Neutron Bomb some years ago called By the Banks of the Ohio. I've never heard them sing this before, Great stuff!! Where would we be without a drinking song. They follow with a drinking chorus song, The Camera never lies, another new one on me.

Next on is Bill Pardon, who steps up on the stage, declaring he is afraid of heights. He sings what he believes is the true version of an Eric Bogle song goodbye my Nancy Oh! Unusually a very serious song from Bill, well sung. Back to basics with the next song a humorous tale about a girl called Clamidia Clamp, lots of sexual innuendos and laughter from the audience.

Our main guest, Liz Simcock is then introduced to the stage. She chooses to sing from the lower level, which is far more intimate. I am familiar with Liz as I already own both her CD's. She has a fantastic voice and plays her guitar exquisitely. She starts with a song called Giving me the Blues, a new song to me. Perhaps it is on her new album to be released shortly. The quality of her singing is instantly recognised by the audience. Her next song, Dancing With You follows with the same undivided attention. Letishia Boccemski is the title of her next song, and Liz explains it is written about a fictional character who is more than ready to give advice, some of which is not to be heeded. The strange name, invented by Liz is actually an anagram of her own name. Her next song was written on a cold but bright day after a visit to Cromer, and a supper of fish and chips. It is appropriately called Cromer Pier. Liz describes her next song as an angry song about the state of the world. It is called Scissors Cuts Paper. A more upbeat number with a chorus and the audience joins in with percussion. It is followed by a song called Forbidden Fruit. Liz explains that it is a very depressing song and jokingly offers counselling to those affected after she finishes. I was only affected by the quality of the song. This is followed by a happy little number called Chemistry. To finish the set Liz explains that she is sometimes accompanied by another guitarist and a bass player who were otherwise engaged this afternoon. So she sang a song about them called This Time Last Year. There was obviously a hidden meaning in the words, but I am afraid it went right over my head. That was quite an impressive set Liz. I am sure everyone is looking forward to more of the same in the second half.

We take a short break for refuelling and emptying of our tanks.

Trevor (TDL) resumes with John the Revelator aimed at all those who didn't go to church today, most of us I think. A very gospelly joining in song, lots of clapping and singing, followed by an old favourite Roadkill café. It's a good job all the food supplied by the landlord has already been consumed.

Joe Migdal is on next playing his strange looking guitar that lights up. He sings a Ray Davis song which we all know called Waterloo Sunset. How does he get his guitar to sound like a piano, it sounds fantastic over the PA. Well done Joe!!!!

Next up is Helen who is using Trevor's Guitar. She sings a song called Reaching Out who she says she heard Steve Tilston singing, I'm not sure if it's one of his songs though. Helen certainly does it justice. She follows with a Neil Young song called Sugar Mountain. John joins her part way through the song on the mouth organ. He complements the song very well.

Pardon me Bill is asked to do another. He sings a song about The Wrinklies which he assures us has no bearing on the audience. They readily join in with the chorus and find the words very amusing. Perhaps they are looking forward to becoming wrinklies.

Mumbling Len Turner and Jaunty John Safford are on next doing a completely unrehearsed song. It takes a worried man to sing a worried song is the title, but the duo don't appear worried at all about singing this song. Considering this is the first time they have performed together they do remarkably well in true folk club tradition.
John loves his chorarse songs.

The raffle is drawn and I do not win, never mind.

Liz Simcock comes back to the stage to start her second set. The audience has expanded as more people join us from the bar, having heard how good she is.She starts with a bluesy number entitled Blueprint man and calls for a harmonica solo part way through. John duly obliges and receives a round of applause. Her next song is called Tides and she encourages us to join in with the chorus. Can I hear someone singing out of tune? The next song is about a friend of Liz's who emigrated to the other side of the world, Sydney to be precise, called Upside Down. Sung with great feeling, she obviously deeply misses her friend. She follows with the title track of one of her albums, Seven Sisters Road. It sounds just as good if not better than the album track. Liz describes her next song as depressing but I find it well crafted and beautifully sung. I think it is called Masterpiece. It certainly sounds like one. The audience are transfixed. A slightly more upbeat number next called Walking onEggshells, one of my favourites. For all those clothes shoppers out there Liz sings a song called Sneakers. She says she hates shopping for clothes and this song reflects her feelings. Quite a foot tapping number, some of us are tapping in time with the music. She finishes with a miserable song (her description) called Beachcomber which I find far from miserable. It couldn't have been that miserable because a lengthy round of applause encouraged Liz to do an encore for us, an unaccompanied song written by Robbie Burns called Annie Laurie. What a way to round off a wonderful afternoon at the FaBclub!!!!!!!