Fab Club Review
May 11th 2008
Mike Parrot'sBirthday
Written by Sue Tuckey

Another fab and sunny afternoon. Lots of singers here to celebrate. Jojo is today's MC. She starts with rousing cheers, then beaks into a humorous version of "Loving Connor"

First up is Dennis. He sings "The Traveller", a charming country style ballad about being away from one's significant other. His second offering was a jolly song , "Seaside Outing". Memories of his misspent childhood ?

Debbi Ann is here today. Gordon's vast collection of bits and pieces has been raided again. A funny parody of "There was an old Woman", all about catering, and swallowing mash.

Paul Steele is next on, with a song I've not heard him sing before: "Friends"which is delivered in Paul's distinctively husky style, with pretty guitar work . Then one of his best, "You were always on My Mind.", with accompaniment from John Stafford.

Margaret is up next. She has her yellow uke, plus Gordon's green one from Debbi Ann. Margaret's first offering is "Bunch of Thyme." She picks up the green one, and sings the Blackpool version of "Wild Rover", "The Mild Rover." Dodgy rhymes, perhaps it needs some rewriting.

A cheesy introduction f or Len ensues. He sings a song I'm unfamiliar with, though I recognise the style as Neil Young. It's called "Old Man." I recognise the second song, "Here Comes The Sun." I've got news for Len, it's been here for a week or more!

John is next up, who could resist his invitation to "Help Me Make It Through the Night"? Margaret's got a new rattle, we call it a lepperfone. John's next offering is "Crazy Love", complete with made up verses here and there with enthusiastic rattling from the floor.

TDL were the last on before break one. I borrowed the rattle for our first song, "The Last Buccaneer", a song with a parrot in. Mike put on a wig and leopardskin thong for our spot, lovely! Our second song was Ron Trueman-Border's "Old Hippies Never Die." Dennis has to leave for work during the break, he's missing the food!

We are called to order for the second half. Joe Migdal plays harpsichord and sings "LowlandsOf Holland", a song about being press ganged.. We always love to hear Joe sing, he has a strong voice, well suited to traditional folk songs. There are some seagull like sounds at the end. Joe's second song is
" Riding Down to Portsmouth". This is one of those conversational songs, the girl won't go unless he marries her. In the morning she demands money with menaces before leaving him. Serves him right, I say!

Ben is next up, asking John to accompany him on Robert Johnson's "Love In Vain." A confident performance, well, he is a New roots Finalist. He remains unphazed by John's interjections, even smiling at the "wit". John is invited to stay for the second number, RTB's " Get Up Out Of Bed.".

Mike Parrot follows, resplendent in wig and thong. He has his electric guitar today. His first song is "Miss Her Enormously". In memory of the recent elections and the impending Eurovision, he gives us "Vote For Me."

The list complete, it's time for another song from Margaret.- "Jamaica Farewell." She follows up with "Hello Mary Lou".

Paul's next, with his version of Buddy Holly's "Every Day", lots of gurning on this one. He's got a song with a parrot in it. Bob Dylan's "Simple Twist Of Fate".

Len is next, I just love his version of "Hide You Love Away". Lots of "Heys" from the floor. Our MC is just loving it ! Jojo calls for the candles to be lit, and for Mike to come up. We sing the obligatory song, and present the cake! Another break for even more food ! It's just too hot!!!

After the raffle we sang "Roadkill Café", a must at parties !

John was up again, giving a spirited rendition of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". Accompanied by Ben , Trevor, and assorted percussion.

Joe and the lovely Kathy are on next, with a mediaeval drinking song, "Malt's Gone Down." I have never heard this one, it's beautiful.

The birthday boy is up again, giving us impressions on his guitar. It plays banjo to : "Thinking Of You." (The toilet song.). His second song was written by his best man,
" All I want Is You."
He is asked for "Missing In Acton", and reveals at last that it is written from experience.

This brought a great afternoon to a close.